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From: mike tompkins
Subject: The Farmer's AdI'm Dick Johnson, just finished my lolita angel nude gallery first year of
college and I need a job so I could pay for college
next year. I'm 19, 5 "8" 175 lbs, black hair, no
family to speak of, both parents killed in an
automobile accident last year. So I answered an ad in
a gay magazine; wanted farm work and more. So I
answer the ad. It paid $900 dollars for four month of
hard work. The farmer said it was hard work, and I
could learn a lot from him. I don't mind hard work. I
talked to the guy and said he works hard and plays
hard. And I told him I was interested and would take
the job. I had to take a bus ride for a day and half.
The farmer sent me the tickets for the bus trip. I
arrived at 3am. At the closed bus station, with just
my duffle bag and I. I saw a pickup truck driving up
to the station. It was the farmer dressed in overalls.
The farmer got out of he truck had a grin on his face
and told me to nude young preteens lolicon get in the truck. His name was Sam
miller he was 6'1' 200 lb and builds like bull so I
got in and drove away without saying a word. After
thirty minutes we arrived at the farm call S&M farm.
We stopped and he told me to get out. So I did caring
my duffle bag In hand. Went up the back porch, into
the kitchen; the farmer told me to dump out everything
on to the table. So I did what I was told to do. I
laid everything out nicely and the farmer looked
everything over and told me to put it back into my
bag. So I did. Then I was told to strip, so I did as I
was told to. First I took off my shirt, then my shoes,
then my pants. All this time the farmer watching
intensely. I wore no underwear never like them. And
the farmer just smiled at me. You walked up to me and
put a black collar around my neck. I was told to
follow him so I did as told. He walked me through the
living room up the stairs to his bed room. Were he
told me to stand and to be quiet till spoken too? I
just looked at him complied. You learn all about
farming and how to be with a man and please him
totally. I was told to come to the farmer and stood in
front of him and unbuttons his overalls as they fell
to the floor. He pushed my shoulder down, so I knelt
down looking at is nine inch dick Inches from my face.
Staring at that massive man hood, with his left hand
take his cock and with the other hand put bondage rape lolitas porn it behind my
head and pushes his cock to my lips. I open my moth loli no nude bbs to
receive the bondage rape lolitas porn
massive cock into my moth. Staring at it
looking to get my next clue. I take the massive cock
into my moth all the way down. All the farmer can do
is moan as I suck on the massive cock, and told me
don't bite it, take it all boy. I took it and love
every moment. From that moment I knew I was going to
like it here.
As I open my eye to see a cock staring in my face and
with you with a big grin. You told me to get up. So I
sparing to my feet out of bed. You informed me to
follow you and so I did. You took me to the bathroom
where you announced that I begin my training as a farm
hand my road to becoming a better man. I stood there
watching you for my next cue to what was going to
happen. You told me it time to remove all of my body
hair. You pull out an electric razor and order me to
get down on my knees. I complied at once. Then you
proceeded to shave off all the hair on my head. I just
looked up to you to see all of my hair hit the floor
in a pile. You then took out a straight razor and
cream and covered my head. Then you proceeded to crape
off the remaining stubble of hair on my head. Now I
was smooth and bald. You then told me to get to my
feet. And open a bottle of hair remover and spread it
all over my body. I stood their waiting till you were
through. I stood there for about an hour, with this
lotion on my body. You remove my collar and told me to
get in the shower and rise off I complied. I stepped
out of the shower were you inspected every inch of my
body to make sure I was hair free. You dried me off
and put my collar back on. .you handed me a silver
cock ring and told me to keep this on at all time and
never take it off. All I could say was yes SIR.
You proceeded to lead me to the bedroom. You told me
to make the bed and to meet you in the kitchen. And to
remain naked till told to get dressed. All I could say
was yes SIR. I then proceeded to make the bed and
straighten the room up. I then went down stairs to the
kitchen where you were sitting reading the paper. I
stood next to waiting your next command. I stood there
for five minutes till you put the paper down and hand
me a piece of paper. On the paper were your rules. You
told me if I didn't like your rules I was to leave
now. I told you I will follow the rules to the letter
SIR. You informed me my chores for the day. And they
were to do the dishes wash the floor, vacuum and take
the trash out. That was just for the morning chores.
You reminded me that my body was his property and to
do as you wish and all I could say is YES SIR. On the
kitchen table was a bowl of cereal and a piece of
toast. You told me to sit and eat my breakfast. And so
I sat down and eat my breakfast.After breakfast I started my chores clean the morning
dishes, vacuumed the living room then washed the floor
in the house. You came into the house and told me how
well I have done so far. You told me to follow you
into the bathroom and you took off my collar and told
me to get in the bath tub and get on my knees, I
complied. You dropped you overalls and pulled your
cock out and told me to open wide, I did as told and
you and you proceeded to piss into my moth missing my
moth but hit my shy lola bbs list
face. You held the back of my head and
shoved your cock into my moth, were I began to drink
your piss for the fist time. It tasted sweet not
bitter. There was a knock at the door. There stood a
tall 5'11' 175 .lb well built man wearing jeans and a
black tank top and a cap, his name was jack I learn
Jack said he was ready for his treatment. You left the
room and came back with a big box. You told me and
jack to stand with our hand behind our heads. We both
stood with are leg spread apart. You grabbed jacks
ball sack and stretched it and started to put the pins
on. Jack just moaned every time you put a clothes pin
on. You put ten clothes pin on jack, and then you
proceeded to put pins on jack nipples. Then you said
it was my turn. You reached over and proceeded to
attach the pin on my ball sack. artistic nude lolita teen
It was uncomfortable
at first. You said just breathe slowly and I did and
the pain went away. You were able to put all ten on
my scrodum. At first it hurt a lot but lolita from ukrainian fucking after breathing
slowly the pain started to go away and pleasure came.
We stood for about twenty to forty minutes then you
added more pins around our nipples jack moaned in
pleasure. Me it was a total new experience for me. I
wanted to prove I was able to take it. I did show some
discomfort in my face, but I never complained.
Jack was showing some sign of
discomforted, so after about an hour you started to
take the pins off of me and jack. You can see where
the pins were at .you left the room and came back with
three beers and handed one to jack and one too me. You
told us we did very well tonight. We drank the beer
and you announced it was getting late and tomorrow
there is a lot of work that need to get done. You told
jack he is welcome to spend the night. Jack said he
would be grateful to stay the night. With that we all
went up stairs. You told to us the faculties before I
went to bed so I did so. When I returned to the bed
room I saw jack go into the spare bedroom, you told me
to get into bed and I did. You told me I handled my
self very well so far. Thank you, sir. Now go to
sleep. So I fell to sleep quickly.
When I was woken up about 6 am, you were
nowhere to be seen. I made the bed and used the
bathroom. Clean it up as well, walk down the hall and
saw you in jacks' room. Jack was on the floor eating
out your ass. I stood there watching jack eat your ass
out with his tongue. Watching jack lick your ass made
me horny, I had a rock hard on and did not know what
to do with it. You turn around and saw me stand there
and told me to come in. you saw my hard on and told me
to fuck you and jack was to lick your balls. Reach for
the lube on the table, walk up behind you, spread your
cheeks and spread the lube on my dick and started to
fuck you. I love the feeling of my balls hitting your
ass each time I fucked you. I shot my nude lolitia petite girls load in your ass
and at the same time you shot your load in jack's hot
moth. You pulled your dick out jacks moth and looked
down and saw that jack had a hard on and told me to
take care of jack hard on. I just smiled and said yes
sir. So jack stood up and told me bend over, he
reached for the lube and lube my ass and started to
fuck me. Jack shoved his dick into my ass. All jack
could say was "nice ass boy 'and proceeded to fuck me
deep and hard. Jack must have fucked me for about ten
minutes till he shot his cum in my ass.more to cum,
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